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Lance Cheama: Picasso Marble, Lizard

Lance Cheama: Picasso Marble, Lizard


This lizard  carved out of stunning picasso marble has a beautiful tan and grayish color that really caught my eye. But what really set it apart were those turquoise eyes – they shimmered and added such a vibrant touch to the piece. The level of detail in this carving was seriously impressive, with each scale perfectly sculpted and the overall composition capturing the essence of a real lizard. Whether you're a fan of art or just appreciate nature-inspired creations, Lance Cheama's work is definitely worth checking out!

Lizard (misho / łe'shi / sema:yakkya / ts'ili:sho): Lizard basks in the heat of the sun, quiet yet alert. Lizard medicine helps us remember our dreams and focus on our deepest visions. It escapes danger by leaving its tail behind, and may grow another in the future, lizard's use of camouflage is another of many survival tactics.  

Dimensions:Length: 3 1/4": Width: 3/4" Height: 1/2" Purchased 

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