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Leland Boone & Daphne Quam: Opal Glass, Green Bear

Leland Boone & Daphne Quam: Opal Glass, Green Bear

Boone & Quam  

The use of opalite enhances the mystical allure of this bear, as its iridescent hues exude an ethereal glow. The addition of turquoise eyes adds a touch of brilliance, providing a vivid pop against the opulent white backdrop. This remarkable artwork represents  Boone and Quam's consummate artistry, resonating deeply with those who appreciate the enchanting beauty found in mother nature's creations.

Bear (Anshe): Bear was the principal animal for the Pueblo People and they are the most prevalent subject of Zuni fetishes. Bear fetishes are used for healing, protection, strength, journeying, mothering, hunting and gathering. Bear‚ hibernation reminds us of the value of going within.

Dimensions: Length 1 3/4" X Width 1" X Height 1 1/2"
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