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Leland Boone: Ammonite, Frog

Leland Boone: Ammonite, Frog


The choice of ammonite as the medium reflects Boone's deep appreciation for natural beauty and history.  The addition of striking turquoise eyes further enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the artwork, evoking a sense of charm and mystique. Boone's ability to seamlessly blend traditional carving techniques with contemporary design elements establishes him as a true professional whose craftsmanship surpasses expectations.

Frog (Da:k'yawiyo): Toad (Dakka) Frog (Dakkya) is a sign of water. Water is life. In Zuni Pueblo, frogs often appear on prayer bowls since many of the Zuni prayers and dances ask for water in the form of rain or snow. Cleansing is also a part of Frog’s meaning as well as emotional and physical healing.  

Dimensions: Length 1 15/16" X Width 7/8" X Height 3/8" Donated
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