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Marilyn Allapowa: Black velvet orange/green beaded Pin Cushion

Marilyn Allapowa: Black velvet orange/green beaded Pin Cushion


Allapowa's beaded pin cushion is a remarkable piece that demonstrates exemplary craftsmanship and embodies the heritage of traditional beadwork. This noteworthiness is evident in its intricate design, showcasing a meticulous arrangement of vibrant beads sewn onto a soft velvet base. The pin cushion's muted color palette provides an elegant backdrop that accentuates the brilliance of each bead. The level of detail in this piece is outstanding; it palpably conveys the devotion, skill, and dedication embraced by Allapowa to create such an exquisite work of art. Moreover, her expert embroidery techniques ensure the strength and longevity of this heirloom-quality pin cushion. Each bead serves as a testament to the rich cultural traditions passed down through generations, making this artifact not only visually stunning but also symbolically significant—preserving history through handcrafted beauty.

Dimensions: Length 3 14/16 " X Width 3 1/2" X Height 4 1/2" Purchased 
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