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Marilyn Allapowa: Red velvet turquoise/white beaded Pin Cushion

Marilyn Allapowa: Red velvet turquoise/white beaded Pin Cushion


Each element of this pin cushion has been carefully designed to create a visually stunning and functional accessory for sewing enthusiasts. The use of red velvet fabric adds a touch of elegance, while the intricate turquoise and white beads elevate its aesthetic appeal. It serves as a reminder of traditional sewing practices that have stood the test of time. This pin cushion not only provides a practical solution for securely holding pins but also showcases artistic expression through its elaborate beadwork. Owning such an item demonstrates an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and upholds artisanal traditions passed down through generations. Ultimately, the Marilyn Allapowa pin cushion is not merely an item but an art piece that tells a story and represents the legacy of skilled artisans in the textile industry.

Dimensions: Length: 4 " X Width: 4" X Height: 4 1/2" Purchased 

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