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Maxx Laate: Ivory, Fossilized Fox

Maxx Laate: Ivory, Fossilized Fox


Laate's expertise is unmistakable as he expertly captures the essence of this cunning creature, showcasing its realistic features with astonishing precision. The smooth texture of the fossilized ivory adds an elegant touch to the carving while highlighting the fox's graceful form. With gentle curves and sensitive lines, the artist's flair shines through, infusing life into a mere piece of ivory. 

The fox (Łanako) is often called “sly,” and this quality may be attributed to the way this creature camouflages itself while silently observing the world around it. The fox’s senses are ever alert, so that it may avoid any danger for itself and its closely bonded family. Twenty-one types of foxes exist around the planet, and in various cultures they are associated with the feminine, as well as with the supernatural, including sixth sense perception, invisibility, and shapeshifting.

Dimensions: Length 1 1/4" X Width 5/16" X Height 5/8"  Purchased 
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