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Melvin Eriacho: White Marble , Frog

Melvin Eriacho: White Marble , Frog


What sets this artwork apart is the exquisite turquoise inlayed dots that adorn the surface of each frog, adding an enchanting touch to their elegant forms. The choice of white marble as the canvas for these amphibians allows for a striking contrast against the vibrant turquoise accents, resulting in a visually stunning piece. Eriacho's ability to fuse traditional carving techniques with contemporary embellishments highlights his innovative approach to artistry. Overall, this carving encapsulates both timeless elegance and modern flair.

Frog (Da:k'yawiyo): Toad (Dakka) Frog (Dakkya) is a sign of water. Water is life. In Zuni Pueblo, frogs often appear on prayer bowls since many of the Zuni prayers and dances ask for water in the form of rain or snow. Cleansing is also a part of Frog’s meaning as well as emotional and physical healing.  

Dimensions: Length 1 3/4" X Width 1 1/2" X Height 2"  Purchased 
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