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Michael Coble: Lapis lazuli, Bird

Michael Coble: Lapis lazuli, Bird


It is truly a sight to behold! The deep blue hue of the gemstone mimics the vast sky, and the details of the carving make it come alive. As light dances across its surface, one can almost imagine it taking flight. Lapis lazuli, with its rich history and associations with royalty and spirituality, adds an air of majesty to this piece. It is said to enhance wisdom and bring inner peace to those who possess it. Its smooth texture and flawless finish give it an aura of luxury.

This piece is truly awe-inspiring and showcases Coble's exceptional talent as an artist. It's one of those rare pieces that makes you stop in your tracks and appreciate the sheer artistry that went into its making. 

Dimensions: Length 3/4" X Width 1/2" X Height 1 3/8" Purchased 

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