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Michael Laweka: Agate, Arrowhead

Michael Laweka: Agate, Arrowhead


Agate, a beautiful type of quartz, boasts a mesmerizing blend of colors and patterns that give each piece its unique character. The meticulous craftsmanship involved in shaping this arrowhead is truly awe-inspiring; it requires immense patience and precision. It's fascinating to think about our early ancestors dedicating their time and effort to fashion such a useful tool from a natural gemstone. This arrowhead would have provided both function and aesthetic appeal, showcasing the inventiveness and artistic flair inherent in human culture throughout history. Displaying this exquisite artifact today serves as a reminder of our roots, connecting us with the ingenuity and resourcefulness of those who came before us.

Dimensions: Length: 3 1/4" X Width: 1/4" X Height: 3 1/4" Purchased

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