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Michael Laweka: White Marble, Mountain Lion

Michael Laweka: White Marble, Mountain Lion


A beautiful mountain lion carved out of pristine white marble, its elegant form exuding grace and strength. But what sets this carving apart is the exquisite artistry involved in the intricate turquoise inlay heartline. And as your eyes wander to the side, you'll notice a delicate paw print also fashioned with turquoise, capturing the essence of wildness and freedom. The combination of the pure white marble with these vibrant turquoise details creates a striking contrast that is both visually stunning and spiritually captivating. 

Mountain lion (Hokdidasha): is at the top of the food chain and is regarded to be a great hunter and leader. Mountain lion’s presence is usually felt but not seen. Mountain Lion medicine is about setting good examples and boundaries.

Dimensions: Length: 5 1/2" X Width: 3/4" X Height: 1 3/4" Purchased

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