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Michael Mahooty: Serpentine, Frog with Turquoise Eyes

Michael Mahooty: Serpentine, Frog with Turquoise Eyes


This carving is not only aesthetically pleasing but also holds deep symbolic meaning. In many cultures, the frog is considered a symbol of transformation and good luck. Additionally, the use of green serpentine adds to its charm as this stone is believed to possess energy that aids in personal transformation and growth. The attention to detail  is evident in the delicate carving of every curve and line, bringing the frog to life. The vibrant turquoise eyes add a pop of color that enhances its overall appeal.

Frog (Da:k'yawiyo): Toad (Dakka) Frog (Dakkya) is a sign of water. Water is life. In Zuni Pueblo, frogs often appear on prayer bowls since many of the Zuni prayers and dances ask for water in the form of rain or snow. Cleansing is also a part of Frog’s meaning as well as emotional and physical healing.  

Dimensions: Length 2 1/4" X Width 1 1/8" X Height 3/4" Donated
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