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Mike Tucson: Black Jet, Raven

Mike Tucson: Black Jet, Raven


I am absolutely thrilled to share with you this exquisitely crafted piece of art! The smooth, glossy surface of the jet captures the light in such a way that it seems to glow from within, accentuating the intricate details meticulously worked into its form. Each feather is delicately etched, as if frozen in time, creating a sense of motion and life in this stunning carving. And those piercing turquoise eyes! They seem to stare straight into your soul, full of mystery and intelligence. This raven is not simply an object; it is a masterpiece that evokes awe and wonder, inviting you to explore its beauty and symbolism for hours on end. Truly a magnificent work of art that will captivate all who lay eyes upon it.

Raven (K'odolo'a): Abundant lore, mythology, and magic surrounds Raven. Raven’s medicine is that of informing us of our inner, more hidden world to which we need to become comfortable in order to experience a change in consciousness. That shadow part of ourselves can be of great help to us if we have the courage to look into it. Raven is comfortable there and offers us the opportunity to discover the personal fears and demons that are keeping us from our awakening and our magic. The black color of the feathers of Raven contains all colors, evoking creativity, not negativity. Raven medicine can help us to really look at the issues that frighten, anger, and thwart us. Doing this can lead to understanding and integration so that the negative energy is magically lifted.

Dimensions: Length: 2 1/16" X Width: 5/8" X Height: 1 3/4 " Purchased

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