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Mike Tucson: Ricolite, Badger

Mike Tucson: Ricolite, Badger


Tucson managed to capture the essence of the badger in such a lifelike way. The choice of ricolite as the material for carving adds another level of beauty to the final product. The variations in color and patterns of this stone bring out the charm and character of the badger. This particular creation by Mike Tucson truly showcases his immense talent and shows why he is regarded as one of the finest Zuni artists .

Badger (Donashi): Badger is aggressive and tenacious. Keeping Badger’s behavior in mind can help one accomplish a specific goal or purpose as it has a great ability to focus. Traditionally, healing properties are attributed to Badger.

Dimensions: Length: 2 3/4" x  Width: 1 1/8" x Height: 3/4" Donated

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