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Molly Cheama: Leopard Rock, Dolphin

Molly Cheama: Leopard Rock, Dolphin


The swirling patterns on the leopard rock give the carving an exotic allure, enhancing its lifelike appearance. But what truly mesmerizes are its eyes - two brilliant turquoise gems that glimmer in the sunlight, exuding a sense of curiosity and intelligence. With each stroke of its carved flippers and gentle arch of its back, this piece captures the essence of freedom and grace that embodies these majestic marine creatures. This swimming dolphin becomes an enchanting symbol of tranquility and joy, transporting you to an idyllic coastal paradise where nature reigns supreme.

Dolphin: This cute little dolphin will guide you through a fun and joyful life. Seafaring cultures continue to value dolphins as a symbol of protection.

Dimensions: Length: 2 7/16" Width: 3/4" Height: 15/16" Purchased 

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