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Randy Lucio: Picasso Marble, Eagle

Randy Lucio: Picasso Marble, Eagle


Randy captured the very essence of this majestic bird, from the intricate feather patterns to the carefully carved talons, every detail is impeccably rendered. And those stunning turquoise eyes? They add an astonishing touch of vivid color and life to the eagle. This piece radiates with a sense of strength and grace that will surely captivate anyone who lays eyes on it.

Eagle (K'yak'yali): meaning is that of extraordinary vision, of seeing the whole picture. Even though Eagle can see the smallest of details from a great distance, it maintains a comprehensive view. Eagle helps us to remember that one’s journey is spiritual as well as physical.   

Dimensions: Length: 1 3/4" X Width: 3/4" X Height: 2" Donated 

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