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Rickson Kallestewa: White Alabaster, Mountain Lion

Rickson Kallestewa: White Alabaster, Mountain Lion


Created from white alabaster, known for its luminosity and translucency, this carving exhibits remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every muscle of the mountain lion's body is, conveying a sense of strength and vitality. The carving's smooth surface gives it an ethereal quality, as if it were carved from a cloud itself. With its immaculate proportions and lifelike expression, this carving embodies both skillful technique and artistic vision.

Mountain lion (Hokdidasha): is at the top of the food chain and is regarded to be a great hunter and leader. Mountain lion’s presence is usually felt but not seen. Mountain Lion medicine is about setting good examples and boundaries.

Dimensions: Length: 4 9/16" X Width: 1 1/4" X Height: 1 1/2" Purchased
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