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Robert Cachini (d): Dyed Howlite, Raindancer & Maiden

Robert Cachini (d): Dyed Howlite, Raindancer & Maiden


The Zunis have a deep connection with nature, especially rain, which is crucial for their agricultural practices. The presence of the rain dancer signifies their reverence for water and the belief that it brings life and fertility to Zuni land. On the other hand, the corn maiden represents abundance and sustenance as an important staple in their diet. Carving these figures out of howlite further enhances their significance, as howlite is believed to have calming properties that can promote healing and balance. This piece captures the harmony between human beings and nature, reminding us of our bond with the environment and our reliance on its blessings for survival.

Dimensions: Length: 2" X Width: 1 1/2" X Height: 2" Donated 

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