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Rosella Lunasee & Loubert Soseeah: Jasper, Badger

Rosella Lunasee & Loubert Soseeah: Jasper, Badger

Lu-na-see & So-see-ah

The texture is so smooth to the touch, giving it a luxurious feel in your hands. And can we talk about the color? This badger has this beautiful reddish-brown hue mixed with streaks of tan and black, creating this stunning pattern that feels so natural. It's like holding a piece of nature in your palm! Not to mention, jasper is known for its grounding and calming properties, making this little badger both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually soothing.

Badger (Donashi): Badger is aggressive and tenacious. Keeping Badger’s behavior in mind can help one accomplish a specific goal or purpose as it has a great ability to focus. Traditionally, healing properties are attributed to Badger.

Dimensions: Length: 2 1/8" X Width: 1 1/8" X Height: 3/4” Purchased
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