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Sedrick Banteah: Picasso Marble, Prairie Dog

Sedrick Banteah: Picasso Marble, Prairie Dog


Prairie Dog, (K'ushi)

Banteah, being the incredibly talented artist that he is, has used this unique type of marble to create an utterly charming carving of a prairie dog in its characteristic upright position. The brown color and intricate patterns on the marble give the piece such a warm and earthy feel. From the carefully carved fur texture to the expressive face of the prairie dog, it's impossible not to be captivated by its lifelike appearance. This artwork perfectly captures the playful nature of these furry critters as they stand tall amidst their prairie habitat. Banteah has undoubtedly created a masterpiece that exemplifies his incredible craftsmanship and love for wildlife.

Dimensions: Length: 1 " X Width: 3/4" X Height: 1 1/2" Purchased 

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