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Taylor Gia: Picasso, Eagle

Taylor Gia: Picasso, Eagle


A keen eyed eagle awaits a keeper. This piece brings together the elegance of the majestic eagle and the earthy beauty of Picasso marble, resulting in a harmonious blend that appeals to both nature enthusiasts and art lovers alike. The choice of turquoise for the eyes adds a striking touch, infusing life into this carving by creating a mesmerizing contrast against the dark hues of the marble. Its presence evokes a sense of tranquility, reminding us to appreciate not only the physical beauty of nature but also its spiritual significance. 

Eagle (K'yak'yali): meaning is that of extraordinary vision, of seeing the whole picture. Even though Eagle can see the smallest of details from a great distance, it maintains a comprehensive view. Eagle helps us to remember that one’s journey is spiritual as well as physical. 

Dimensions: Length: 1 3/16" X Width: 1/2" X Height: 1 3/4" Purchased
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