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Wilbert Cheama: Shell, Corn Maiden

Wilbert Cheama: Shell, Corn Maiden


First off, the corn maiden herself is carved out of shell, giving her an ethereal glow as if she embodies the spirit of nature. The exquisite detail is enhanced with delicate stone inlays that beautifully accentuate her features. And let's not forget about that unique base made of charite, adding a touch of elegance and charm to the overall composition. It's truly remarkable how the artist captured the essence of fertility and abundance symbolized by corn maidens in Native American cultures. 

Corn Maiden (A:dow e:washdok'i): In the Zuni Pueblo the three stages of woman are recognized as:

  • Maiden, symbolizing potential
  • Mother, the life giver
  • Grandmother, the wise elder

Usually the maiden fetish will be emerging from corn (the corn maiden) or she will have whorls of hair on the side of her head, signifying that she has not had a child. The mother fetish also can be emerging from the corn (the corn mother) and she will have children with her or look pregnant. The grandmother usually has a shawl over her head and no corn represented on her body.

Dimensions: Length: 3" X Width: 3 1/2" X Height: 6 1/4" Purchased
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