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Willard Laate (d): Serpentine, Whale

Willard Laate (d): Serpentine, Whale


It's like a work of art that transports you to the depths of the ocean with just one glance. The serpentine as the material is a stroke of genius, as it beautifully represents the serene and mysterious nature of these magnificent creatures. What really steals your attention are those vibrant turquoise eyes, sparkling with life and curiosity. They bring an unexpected burst of color to this majestic piece and serve as a delightful reminder that beneath their massive size, whales possess an undeniable sense of gentleness and intelligence.

Whale: Whale teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies that balance our emotion and can heal our physical forms. Whale signals a time of finding your origins and calming your power. 

Dimensions: Length: 2 5/16 " X Width: 1/2" X Height: 2 1/4" Donated
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